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Treat subordinates: accept and agree and enjoyDate:2016-07-30    Source:Qianglong      Read time

Three Theories "Casodex man"
Modern enterprise management, nothing is divided into two, one system management, two emotional management.
As we Casodex such enterprises, employees have seven or eight people, how can we keep them, so that they feel at ease to work, the company leadership and every manager should think about.
"People of the company on a" management philosophy, fully demonstrates the Board of Directors in addition to strengthening the institutional management in addition, pay attention to the humane care of employees, so that they have of the company, "home" feeling, a sense of belonging, sense of accomplishment.
To become a qualified manager or leader, you must have a leadership capacity both to let your subordinates convincing.
So the name of the manager must have the basic qualities of the three areas: convincing advance awareness, convincing and compelling role model good personal qualities.
The staff makes you admire, trust and imitated, as their leaders.
A shrewd manager, it is necessary to create the team he led a good atmosphere and motivation of team members, allowed to fully develop their potential.
This requires managers to use some leadership.
Play its "special feelings" huge role for subordinates to accept, welcome, based on the company led them to complete assigned tasks.
First, managers should accept the subordinates.
One purpose of the work of subordinates in order to obtain financial compensation, the second is to meet the spiritual needs.
Influence of traditional Chinese culture by the Chinese employees with a clear attribution of personality.
They want to be organized care, hope to have a good interpersonal environment, but also want their aspirations can be realized in the workplace.
If you can feel under the leadership of the recognition, acceptance and care, they will put themselves as a big family, so as to stimulate valuable sense of ownership, work efficiency will increase exponentially.
Secondly, endorsed subordinates.
Timely degrees subordinate to endorse a potential leadership, does not require the cost of incentives.
Agree, there are two meanings, one identity, two praise.
Leadership is endorsed subordinates will feel that they are important and valuable, resulting in a stronger sense of professionalism and responsibility, praise is the most effective lubricant relationships are between leaders and subordinates emotional communication link.
Third, appreciate subordinates.
Appreciation of the first performance of the personality and work of subordinates recognition and trust, and greater performance of subordinates, higher expectations.
If this expectation clearly felt let subordinates, subordinates will feel glory, so as to stimulate the infinite achievement motivation and effort to achieve it.